Zoggs Standard Silicone Cap


Zoggs Standard Silicon Cap. Soft, supple, comfortable and supportive. Manages hair & protects from the elements. Check our Dive and Swim Accessories NOW!

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Zoggs Standard Silicone Cap

The Zoggs Standard Silicone Cap is just what you need if you’re doing a lot of swimming. The silicone material is soft and supple yet supportive and super comfortable. The silicone will stretch and maintain its shape so is good for a wide range of head sizes. The cap is very handy. It provides management of long hair stopping it getting in your way while swimming. It also provides protection from the elements. If it’s cold the cap will keep your head warm. If it’s too sunny it will protect your head from UV. The inner surface of the cap has an embossed surface. This surface provides grip so whether on your skin or hair it won’t keep trying to come off in the water. If you’ve done a lot of swimming you’ll know that small things can make a big difference as your number of laps mount up. Wearing a cap might not seem like a big thing but it makes a big difference streamlining your motion through the water. It’s a great swimming accessory. Check our Dive and Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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