Mirage Crystal Fins Set


The Mirage Crystal Fins are constructed of premium silicon giving you comfort and durability. Tech design gives you great propulsion and open heel gives comfort while supporting bare feet and dive booties

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Mirage Crystal Fins Set

The Mirage Crystal Fins Set is ideal to add to your snorkeling gear for a great snorkeling experience. Construction is of premium quality silicon so you get great fit and comfort. Their style is more for snorkeling and flat water swimming rather than for use in the surf or bodyboarding as they’re a longer fin. The benefit of the silicon is that you get great fit, comfort, durability and performance.

The fins feature an open heel so you just slide your foot into them. There’s enough space in the foot pocket for you to wear dive booties or soft beach style shoes. Adjustable straps close the fins at the rear to give you your own snug fit.

Silicon Construction

The fin itself is of durable silicon so while giving flex, it maintains its shape. In this way each kick you do is more directly translated into power in the water. You also get fin control. If you do small kicks you move forward a little and more slowly, ideal for moving up on a fish.

If you put more power into each kick you’ll move quickly, to get where you want to go. A fluted ribbing system on the fin gives you high tech power while reducing fatigue. An overall streamlined design means there’s minimum bulk and maximum performance in the water.

The fin construction makes for positive buoyancy so they will float. This is a great benefit as if you’re walking out through the surf or caught in wave action and the fins come off as you’ll be able to retrieve them. The Mirage Crystal Fins Set is a great way to enjoy everything snorkeling has to offer. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

  • Silicon construction gives durability & comfort
  • Foot strap maximised fit
  • High tech features maximise propulsion
  • Floatation means less likely to get lost

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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