Zoggs Nose Clip


Zoggs Nose Clip. Super soft supple silicone with form. Easy one hand use clip. Handy carry case keeps them clean. Check our Beach Accessories NOW!

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Zoggs Nose Clip

The Zoggs Nose Clip is just what you need if you’re doing a lot of swimming. It’s also a must have if you’re doing any free diving. The silicon material is not like anything you’ve felt before. It’s super soft and supple yet supportive with form. On your nose it’s smooth and you can barely notice the material of the clip itself. The silicon is attached to an easy fit plastic frame for your nose. A great design feature is that you can apply the clip with one hand. Once applied the soft pieces encompass your nose closing your nostrils applying minimal pressure. The clip prevents water movement going up your nose so if you dive under water no water can enter. Even if you do rolls underwater, or are doing your lane returns in a swimming pool, the nose clip will keep water at bay. It comes in a universal regular size that fits most noses. There’s also a handy carry case so you can keep your plugs clean between uses. Check our full range of Dive and Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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