Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Resin 28g


Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Kit 28g. Kit includes fiberglass impregnated resin, small piece of fiberglass cloth, sand paper and applicator. The resin hardens in sunlight so prepare your repair in the shade then expose to sunlight

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Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Resin 28g

Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Resin 28g has what you need for quick solid repairs. The tube contains polyester resin so use it on your PU surfboard only. Do not use it on an epoxy surfboard. The resin is impregnated with fibreglass. When you squeeze the resin out of the tube lumps and pieces of fibreglass are visible. This fiberglass adds strength to the resin. So your repairs will have extra strength and durability. The kit includes sand paper. It is important to use this before you apply the resin. First to reduce rough and sharp edges, then improve the grip of the resin roughening the surface around the repair. In this way the bond between the repair and your board will be strong.

The Ocean & Earth UV Solacure Resin kit includes fiberglass cloth can be used to cover over larger holes and shatters. So you don’t have to rely just on the resin. If you have a hole fill it with resin first. Once the hole is level with the surrounding area apply the cloth with more resin. Use the included applicator to direct the resin well into the repair. The way Ocean & Earth UV Solacure works is that you do all your fixing in the shade and when ready expose to sunlight and the repair will harden and be ready in minutes. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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