Ocean & Earth Fibreglass Repair Kit


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Ocean & Earth Fibreglass Repair Kit. Everything you need, 250ml resin, Q Cell filler, cloth, mix cups, sandpaper. Check our range of Accessories NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Fibreglass Repair Kit

The Ocean & Earth Fibreglass Repair Kit has everything you need for large or small board repairs. It’s a great kit coming in a handy resealable container. There’s a tin of polyester resin. This is the clear liquid that hardens into the strong protective coating on your board. So, you can fix almost any repair on non-epoxy boards. The tin is resealable so you can perform multiple repairs. Q Cell is also included. This is a lightweight powder that is used in the resin as a filler. With this you can fill larger holes without adding weight or using up too much resin.

Everything You Need

Fibreglass cloth is also provided. It is 6oz in weight, which means it’s strong. The piece is large enough to cover a large hole. You use this cloth if you’ve got major or structural damage on your board rail or around a fin box. When applied with resin it will harden to be extra strong. If you need to fix a flat area the kit includes a piece of integrated fiberglass strands. This is called Chop Mat. The Chop Mat can’t be curved over your rails but is ideal for fixing a hole in your board bottom.

The Ocean & Earth Fibreglass Repair Kit comes with mixing cups and applicators. There’s also two grades of sand paper, rough and smooth. You use the rough sand paper to prepare your repair smoothing any rough edges and roughing up the area. Then once the resin has been applied the smooth sand paper allows you to give your repair a smooth finish. Instructions complete the kit so it has everything for you ready to go. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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