Orca Wetsuit Glue


The Orca Wet Suit Glue gives you fast acting & long lasting wetsuit repair in an easy to apply tube. Check our range of Wetsuits & Accessories Online NOW!

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Orca Wetsuit Glue

Orca Wetsuit Glue is they perfect way to keep your wetsuit in great condition. It will help you maintain your suit’s effectiveness and extend durability. A key feature of your wetsuit is that it keeps water out allowing the water inside your suit to warm. This in turn keeps you warm. So if you get a hole, even a small one, your suit will let cold water in. Depending on the size of the hole it can make a part of your body or your whole body and surfing experience cold and less comfortable. This can also lead to injury as a cold lower back or shoulder can easily be strained. The Orca Glue allows you to seal holes.

Quick Dry

Similarly if you have a small cut or tear in your suit, even if not all the way through your suit, this can easily expand into a major problem. Small cuts often occur when you get dumped and your board nose or fin bumps into you. Or if you surf near rocks a graze or cut is also common. Also you may not get a cut but may have stitching starting to unravel. In these situations Orca Glue can be used to seal over the nick, graze or stitching and prevent any increase of the problem and repair it.

The Orca Wetsuit Glue is super easy to use. Simply apply to two edges where your suit has opened, wait for the glue to touch dry then press the two edges together. If you’ve got a graze or the stitching unraveling then apply a small film over the area and allow to dry. In only 5 minutes your suit will be ready to use. Check our range of Wetsuits and Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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