TLS Strong 6′ Leash


TLS Strong 6′ Leg Rope. Robust durable 7mm urethane cord. Dual stainless steel swivels. Padded ankle. Check out our range of Surf Accessories NOW!

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TLS Strong 6′ Leash

The TLS Strong 6′ Leash is a great surf accessory for everyday surfing and gives you rugged construction. It’s called Strong as it has a thicker 7mm diameter cord not normally found on the shorter 6′ leash format. So if you’re surfing smaller but powerful punchy waves this leg rope will give you extra strength and durability.

It features stainless steel swivels at both ends so the leash turns and  moves freely and doesn’t snake or twist up. This is an important feature. It helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins so your board doesn’t slow down or catch. The high quality urethane provides the right balance between stretch and strength.

It has just right amount of stretch so it keeps your board where you need it within easy reach after a wipeout. The cord quickly returns to original size without dangerously springing back. The leash includes double strings. So you can use the two for extra safety or keep one as a spare.

The padding on the ankle strap is lightweight. So you get performance with a comfortable fit. The TLS Strong 6′ Leash delivers great performance for everyday surfing and is a great surf accessory.

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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