The SurfPaints sets give you a cool way to personalise your surfboard, fins & express yourself. Full instructions are provided so you can produce your masterpiece. Turn your generic white surfboard into your own personal statement

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The SurfPaints sets give you a fun vibrant way to personalise your surfboard with your own cool artwork. The sets include pens with specially formulated inks or paint so it adheres to your surfboard, once it’s been cleaned. To get you producing fantastic results SurfPaints provides a free ebook with lots of images and step-by-step instructions. You simply scan the SurfPaints box and the ebook loads.

The paints come in handy pens with strong felt-type tips that the ink flows easily from. The pens are reasonably large and robust, bigger than normal pens. You use them by pressing down on the tip and moving the pen to get the coverage you want. You get solid thicker coverage by going slowly or get lighter coverage over a wider area by going more quickly.

The sets give you a variety of colours so are matched to a theme. For example the Primary, Paste and Fluro sets include a number of pens in different complementary colours. Each set also includes black which is great for defining edges. You can mix and match the colours from the sets to match artwork you’re wanting to copy or express your own original design.

Adding artwork to your surfboard, your fins, or other items creates a great feeling of satisfaction. From a generic unidentifiable white board you  can make your own masterpiece. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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