Sticky Johnson No More Rash


The Sticky Johnson No Rash saves you from rash & chaffing. It’s non-toxic, non-greasy & comes in easy apply stick. So it’s super easy to apply and you don’t get your hands slippery before your surf

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Sticky Johnson No More Rash

Sticky Johnson No More Rash gives you protection for a great time at the beach and in the surf. Rash and chaffing can happen at any time especially in wet swimmers, boardshorts and wetsuits. If you haven’t been to the beach for a long time you are especially susceptible to rubbing from your swimsuit and boardshorts. This can redden your skin creating a lot of discomfort. If you’re wearing a wetsuit you’ll find the areas around your neck and underarms rub a lot. Even if you’re a hard core surfer, if it’s especially hot, or you’re surfing more than normal like being away on a trip, or if you have a new wetsuit, you too can suffer the discomfort of rash. The Sticky Johnson No Rash handles these issues and is a great Wetsuit Accessory.

Special Formula

Sticky Johnson No More Rash cream comes in a super easy grab and handy-to-stash stick. You apply it by rubbing it on to the areas you feel are getting sensitive or are starting to show rash redness. The formula creates an area of lubrication between your skin and the source of rashing so things go smoothly. The stick can be easily stored in your boardbag, beach bag, or taken into the surf in your short pocket. You can apply it any time you feel that soreness coming on with your boardshorts or wetsuits.

Application via the Sticky Johnson stick also means your hands don’t get sticky and slippery like they would with cream. So you’re surfing won’t be affected. Sticky Johnson has also gone that extra step to create a formula that’s non-toxic and safe on your sensitive areas. This is a great Wetsuit Accessory. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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