SOLAREZ Soft Surfboard Repair Kit


The SOLAREZ Soft Surfboard Repair Kit gives you a great repair of your Softboard with a special 2 part mix. This special mix gives you the best long lasting repair.

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SOLAREZ Soft Surfboard Repair Kit

The SOLAREZ Soft Surfboard Repair Kit gives you a great long lasting repair of your Softboard. NOTE: it’s a 2 part mix, so you must use the first part first otherwise you will damage your Softboard. The way it works is you apply the Solarez Epoxy UV-Cure first then apply the Sponge-Rez once the Epoxy UV-Cure is dry.

Sponge-Rez gives you a perfect exterior finish to your Softboard repair. However it does not work with your Softboard interior core, or the interior core of any surfboards. So it’s important to follow the steps provided by Solarez. Before you start, dry out your board. Whatever side the ding is on make sure this is pointing down so any water will drain out.

Dry & Clean Out

First clean out your ding. If it’s shallow make sure sand, wax, any foreign matter is removed. If it’s deep, pop out any part of the board that has been compacted in. If part of the board is flapping or loose you can leave this in place. In the last step of the process use some tape to stick it down.

If your ding shows any of the interior of your Softboard, the foam core, then use the Epoxy UV-Cure to fill in the hole. You simply squeeze the Epoxy UV-Cure into the hole till the resin is neary flush with the exterior of your Softboard. Leave this to dry under sunlight or UV light for 5 minutes.

If your ding does not show any of the interior of your Softboard foam core you can apply the Sponge-Rez directly. If you’ve used the Epoxy UV-Cure apply the Sponge-Rez over it to bring your ding flush with your board exterior. If there’s a piece of your board flapping or loose apply the Sponge-Rez under it and stick it down. Use tape to keep it in place if needed.

While still wet use a damp cloth to smooth the Sponge-Rez out. In this way you’ll have a smooth clean finish. Leave the Sponge-Rez to dry and cure overnight. That’s it! Solarez is a great way to give your board a low emmission eco repair. Check our full range of Solarez Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repairs

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