SUP Rail Tape Kit


SUP Rail Tape. Protects with clear easy to apply tape. 3M adhesive so it will last. An essential item to protect your SUP from paddle strikes and dings, in and out of the water.


SUP Rail Tape Kit

The SUP Rail Tape Kit protects your SUP in the high risk area of the rail. The SUP Rail Tape Kit includes 2 x 1.8 meter roles of 3M tape that provide wide coverage. Special cleaner wipes and the squeegee are also included. The tape is crystal clear so there is no discolouration, leaving your SUP looking good when it’s applied. A 3M product, the tape adhesion is high performance and the tape is very tough and durable. The kit features everything you need including special wipes to clean the surface of your SUP rail. The tape has excellent UV and high temperature tolerances. Being pressure activated a squeegee applicator is included so you get a smooth long lasting finish.

Pictorial instructions on the back of the SUP Rail Tape Kit give you get step-by-step instructions for use. You may think that the rail of your SUP doesn’t need this special level of protection. When you lay your SUP down it may be on the deck or bottom. However the rail protection is not only useful when your SUP is resting on its rail. It is super useful in protecting your SUP rail from paddle strikes. When you’re paddling you’ll find your paddle tends to hit the side of your SUP and can create substantial dings. The tape fully protects from these types of dings.

An important application tip is to make sure you place the SUP tape far enough forward on your rail, closer to your nose, so as to cover the area where these rail strikes might take place. This tap is a great way to protect your SUP. Check our full range of SUP Gear at Manly Surfboards>Stand Up Paddle

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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