Slyde Phish Handboard


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The Slyde Phish Handboard gives you a hull design with high speed concave so you get going fast. The rails are low, fast and super responsive making big moves easy. Epoxy laminate construction gives you flex performance and durability


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Slyde Phish Handboard

The Slyde Phish Handboard gives you great bodysurfing with a Hawaiian pedigree. This is the fastest board in the Slyde range. It’s optimised for speed on mid to larger size waves. It’s got a concave with a hull bottom. This means that as you press down your handboard will give you lift, like a boat hull. At the same time the concave gives great water flow to get you going fast. There’s also low rails. These give less area for water to catch so give you even more speed. They also give great sensitivity so your handboard is super responsive. With slight movements you can do great bottom turns, top carves and barrel rides. The outline has a full nose for extra buoyancy with a long straighter section to the swallow tail. So you get great projection with bite when you do your turns.

The Slyde Phish Handboard construction is of epoxy with urethane and multi laminates. This gives your handboard flex. This is important as you need your board to fit in the wave and ride the pocket. If you board is too flat it will catch. This construction also makes your board super durable. It will take odd bangs and bumps. The size is 18 inches long by 9.1 inches wide. So you get a generous professional length of board that will really get you riding waves. A heavy duty padded velcro strap keeps the Slyde Phish Hand Board attached to your hand. It fits snug and comfy for long periods swimming out through the break, catching waves and repeat. There’s also a plug for your leash. So risk of loss is reduced.

Another great feature is an additional plug for your GoPro mount. So you can capture all your action. The Slyde Phish Hand Board is great for stepping up your bodysurfing. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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