Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins


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Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins

The Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins are a set of versatile fins. They can be used in your normal surfboard or softboard. They’ll also progress your surfing performance compared to your softboard fins. They’re constructed of a stiff strong plastic. So compared to the normal softer fins that come with your softboard when you push on these fins they won’t overflex or bend. You’ll get good drive and your board will maintain direction against the push of the wave. In this way you’ll get longer, faster rides.

For Beginner & Advanced Surfers

If you’re a more Advanced surfer Ocean & Earth Poly Carbonate Fins will give you a feel you’re used to. The fin shape has a reasonable base length, it’s upright, and still has rake curve. So it gives you a good mix between pivoting for fast turns and drive for speed. It’s smaller in size so responsive. The Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins will give you extra performance without the cost. For a Beginner they’re a great option as they’re inexpensive.  If you bang or bump your board and lose a fin it’s easily replaced. This fins are light so they’re easy to carry in your pack. In the water they’ll improve your surfing as you’re not being slowed down by weight or performance reducing drag.

The fin bases fit the two most common fin box formats. These are Single Tab, and Dual Tab also called the FCS traditional format. Both of these box formats require screws to secure the fins so check to see which you have. Note however the Ocean & Earth Poly Carbonate Fins will not fit to old style softboards. The Ocean & Earth Polycarbonate Fins are a great to improve your surfing. You’ll get a performance and have on hand an easy replacement option. The Check our range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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