OAM Keely Andrew Tail Pad


The OAM Keely Andrew Tail Pad gives you high performance and feel with squishy diamond pattern. The multi layer diamonds give your foot something so grip into. High Kick gives great drive and high Arch gives great support

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OAM Keely Andrew Tail Pad

The OAM Keely Andrew Tail Pad is a great 3 piece pad. Its insperation comes from an up and coming women’s pro surfer. Its 3 piece layout allows for easy fitting to any tail width. The centre piece can also be moved forward. This gives versatility so you can position your foot way back over the tail. The two side pieces can also be placed closer to the rails so both narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The centre piece has a 5mm raised arch in the form of an elongated oval. The tail has a raised 28mm kick with a gradual rise so your foot can edge up against it or be placed at an angle on it. When driving hard your foot will always find traction. There’s circular incut at the rear of the pad so you can place the pad adjacent to  your plug, or completely around it. The grip features a slanted diamond pattern where the front edge is raised with a receding trailing edge. In this way your foot gets grip pushing back but can move easily forward. High quality adhesive is used for the backing so the pad will stay put once applied

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm


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