OAM Alex Smith Tail Pad


The OAM Alex Smith TailPad gives you high performance grip with Animal pattern of diamond edges. The large Kick gives great drive and control and high Arch gives support where needed

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OAM Alex Smith Tail Pad

The OAM Alex Smith Tail Pad gives you high performance surfing with solid back foot traction. The pad features a very chunky surface pattern called ‘Animal Grip’. This consists of raised diamonds so that any angle your foot lands it gets edges to push and drive against. This pattern is so good it’s been patented.

Interspersed with the diamonds are holes. These give you several advantages. Your toes can really grip down into them. So when you’re doing heel and toe, vital for rail surfing, your toes get extra contact acting as pressure points giving feedback. The holes also reduce weight keeping your pad and board light weight.

The pad is 3 pieces so you get the ability to expand the side pieces. For wide tail boards you can expand the pieces out towards the rail. For narrow boards you can keep them together. So your quiver of different board tail shapes can get consistent traction.

Expanding the side pieces also means you can place the grip closer to your tail around your plug. So you can put the Kick, that’s above average in height, above your rear fin giving you the greatest responsiveness, control and drive. The Arch is also above average in height giving great support where you need it. Check our full range of Surfboard Grips at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm


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