TLS Extension Tail Pad


The TLS Extension Grip Pad gives you great surfing with extra large traction area for moving forward for the barrel or stepping back for the carve. Heel & toes slots give extra grip. Mid size arch and Air kick keep you connected

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TLS Extension Tail Pad

The TLS Extension Tail Pad gives you great surfing from a large contact area. The pad is wider than most, coming in at 310mm wide by a whopping 325mm long. This gives you plenty of grip area to move your foot around. For example going forward for the barrel, stepping back for the carve.

The arch is 5.5mm which is the perfect average size. You can feel it there supporting your foot when you push your weight down into cranking turns. However it’s not too large as to be noticeable. The overall traction pattern is the Diamond Fuji Lock so that no matter which way your foot lands you’ll get grip.

The Air Contact kick is 30mm high, which is large. So you’ll be able to really jam against it, and also land on it finishing your air. There’s also slots in the pad where your toe and heels align giving extra grip when going heel and toe, rail to rail. These slots also reduce weight making your pad and surfing lighter and more responsive.

The pad is a 3 piece design. So the two side pieces can be expanded, placed closer to the rails giving wider tail boards full coverage. The pad is relatively wide so would be best for wider tail boards. Using high quality adhesive the pad will stay put once applied. Check our full range of Grip at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm


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