NMD Micro Grom 21inch Bodyboard


The NMD Micro Grom 21″ Bodyboard gives you an EPS core with channels and single rail for high performance mini boarding. Check our Bodyboards Online NOW!

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NMD Micro Grom 21inch Bodyboard

The NMD Micro Grom 21inch Bodyboard is a high performance small form factor bodyboard. It’s only 21inches long so is ideal for a junior bodyboarder or as a backup board. It’s super lightweight so is easy to stash in your car, backpack, or with another board in your board bag. As a backup board it’ll easily fit snug in your travel luggage while giving you all the features you need for hard core bodyboarding. The Micro Grom’s light weight core is EPS foam. In this small size the you’ll still get good buoyancy and more flex, easy to bend the board into high speed curves, so offering great responsiveness. The core’s fully waterproof so for travel can take a few dings without affecting the way it surfs. For performance you get dual channels. In this way you get great speed while you also have also an edge on the bottom for hold and carving turns.

Tjhe NMD Micro Grom 21″ Bodyboard bottom has a high speed HD slick. There’s no compromise to your performance. The crescent tail gives stability helping you still do big moves, the edges providing great carve and release points. A single rail also gives good speed and response. Check our range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards


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