Molokai Kaimana SUP


The Molokai Kaimana SUP gives you a great performance shape. A pulled in nose and tail means you can take more powerful waves and carve. The bottom shape of a single to double concave with tail channels gives lot of speed with control.


Molokai Kaimana SUP

The Molokai Kaimana SUP is gives you great high performance. It blends features to give you the best of speed and turning making it ideal to progress on. The nose is more pulled in. This makes for the ability to take later drops and more powerful waves. The mid section gives you width for speed and stability. From here you get great paddling out through the break and onto waves. This width is carried through to the tail area maximising your speed. Then a series of flyers allow the tail to narrow quickly. So you get a great narrower area to do both pivot and carving turns. You’ll be able to put the Kaimana anywhere on the wave you want. A single to double concave with channels under the tail give you a super high speed bottom with added control.

The Molokai Kaimana SUP has a strong EPS construction. So you get the best of light weight and strength. Additional features include forward and aft storage zones where you can stow your gear. So this is a great feature if you’re going to use your SUP to get to a picnic, snorkelling, fishing or other spot. A five fin setup includes Quad layout with a central adjustable single fin box in the rear. So you get a wide range of options to match your style. From single fin cruising to Quad charging. If you’re looking for a SUP that will give you great performance while also being versatile the Molokai Kaimana SUP is perfect. Check our full range of SUPs and SUP Gear at Manly Surfboards>SUPs

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 85 × 30 cm


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