The NSP HIT Cruise Stand Up Paddleboard gives great stability with volume distributed evenly. Performance is enhanced with vee bottom facilitating your turns.

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The NSP HIT Cruise SUP is your versatile fun board. It gives you heaps of fun in all round conditions. It’s versatile across flat water and smaller surf so a great Beginner board. The board features a lot of vee through the middle to tail. So this means it turns easily. The HIT won’t get stuck on the water or wave face or track. You’ll easily be able to do changes of direction in a bottom or top turn, and so progress your surfing. The volume is very evenly distributed making for great stability. So whether you’re forward on the board paddling for a wave, or stepping back into a turn, you’ll always feel a consistent response. The board won’t suddenly pitch forward or back.

The NSP HIT Cruise SUP gives you great paddling equating to wave catching. You also get great glide once on the wave. This comes from the full nose and the straighter outline of the shape. The drawn in tail aids turning. It’s not too big to create bulk on the wave, or too small to sink under you. So placing your foot on the tail will give you great drive into and out of turns. A custom deck pad is featured. This includes guides to indicate where to stand. So once you’ve worked out your best position you’ll easily be able to find it again. Construction is of NSP’s custom High Impact Technology so it’s durable. Check our full range of Stand Up Paddleboard SUPs at Manly Surfboards>SUPs

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 260 × 70 × 20 cm


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