Fanatic Allwave HRS W-Grip


Fanatic Allwave SUP HRS w-Grip. Fun in most conditions. Versatile good at paddling, wave catching, carving. Check our range of SUP gear Online NOW!


Fanatic Allwave SUP HRS w-Grip

The Fanatic Allwave SUP HRS w-Grip is a great SUP package with performance. Performance comes in the form of design features. A fast concave bottom curve gives you straight up speed so catching waves is easy, riding waves is fast. The nose to mid of the board has soft rounded rails so you get forgiveness, not catching on the wave or chop. At the tail the edges are hard so you get release, a lighter feel, for radical manoeuvres. The width gives you maximum stability, further aided by a slightly domed deck. HRS stands for High Resistant Skin, so you get protection and durability. Construction is of Biax Glass fibre, PVC and ply in a perfect balance between a strong and super light layup. The deck comes with grip that matches the decals and artwork. There’s tri, quad and five fin setup in some boards. A 3 set of performance Future Fins comes with the board. A mast foot in the deck provides for a windsurfing option. The Allwave will give you enjoyment and ease of progression in your SUP pursuit.


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