Jimmy Lewis Signature Masao SUP Paddle


Jimmy Lewis Signature Masao Paddle. Designed by Olympic expert, lightweight, with fibreglass advantage. Check our range of SUP gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis Signature Masao SUP Paddle

The Jimmy Lewis Signature Masao SUP Paddle is not like other paddles.  Rather than following the trend where everything has to be carbon, Jimmy’s paddle gives you several unique features. First it’s designed by Jim Terrell from Quickblade. Jim is a 4 x Olympic Canoeist as well as holder of too many paddling awards to cover here. His expertise specific to paddles, their design and how you get the best performance, is incorporated by Jimmy. So you’re getting world’s best design in this paddle. Second, the paddles are a special fibreglass construction. This offers benefits over carbon. They’re not fatiguing and are less harsh on your body than unforgiving carbon. They’ve got much more flex. This allows the paddle to recoil at the end of your paddle stroke so you get release and a noticeable extra boost of power. Jimmy says you have to feel it to believe it! Construction is lightweight with a foam core. The paddle is available in a range of design colours so please check availability.


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