Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP


Jimmy Lewis Striker Stand Up Paddle board. Versatile wave catcher, nose rider and flat water paddler. Heaps of fun. Check our range of SUP gear NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP

The Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP is your versatile fun Stand Up Paddle board. It will give you heaps of fun in most common surf conditions and won’t leave you behind on the flat. The design features an all round great rocker tweaked at the tail works great for wave catching in the surf. So you’ll fit in the waves being able to turn and carve. This is matched to a 2 + 1 fin setup, common on longboards so you get a mix of drive, responsiveness and hold. At the nose a great low entry makes for super easy wave catching. The nose is also suitable for nose riding. In the flat this same low entry makes for fast paddling. There’s larger rails in the middle of the board that are forgiving and give you speed. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give each board its perfect balance between strength and weight. The Striker has durable construction with super high quality finish. The deck comes with grip all the way to the nose so you’re ready to go. This Striker is 8’5 in length. Dimensions are 8’5 x 30″x 4″x 130L. Check our range of SUP Gear at Manly Surfboards>Stand Up Paddle


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