Go Foil Kai 120 Foil


Go Foil Kai 120 Foil. Highly engineered revolutionary foil. Can be used on surfboard, SUP, Kite & Foil boards. Great size and shape foil to get started flying on the waves.

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Go Foil Kai 120 Foil

The Go Foil Kai 120 Foil is what’s revolutionising boarding. It’s a foil that you attach to your board so it rises and planes above the water. Well engineered the foil is an amazing piece of surfing equipment. The mast section is all one piece. So it isn’t like inferior alternatives that with several pieces bolted together have inherent weakness. The Go Foil Kai centre mast, fuselage and connecting section are all one piece. Of high tech carbon they undergo a PrePreg process in an autoclave. The exterior carbon fibre becomes fused so the mast and fuselage, the horizontal piece, appear as one unit. So it is extremely strong. The mast has two wings. Attached at the front is the larger wing that gives you lift. The smaller stabiliser wing is at the rear.

Fit To Your Board

This unit has a Tuttle Box fitting. This is the section like a fin base that attaches to your board, so will only work with a Tuttle Box. It can’t be glassed or bolted directly to your board. The end of the mast has a slot. This fits into the Tuttle Box. Once installed it is screwed in from the deck to hold the foil to your board. The Kai 120 does not include the Tuttle Box. So you need to get one or have it already installed in your board.  The Go Foil Kai 120 Foil has a relatively larger front wing so is ideal for riders up to 95kg. This larger wing also picks up more swell so is good for smaller waves. This foil is versatile. So can be used across your surfboard, SUP, kiteboard and foilboard. Check our range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

The specification are as follows: Mast: 24 1/2 “ Front Wing: 24″ Stabilizer: 16″ Fuselage: 24″ Weight: full set, 6 pounds

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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