Jimmy Lewis Maestro 9’9 SUP


Jimmy Lewis Maestro 9’9 SUP. Generous super stable design. Great for gliding turns and on-water activities. Check our SUPs and SUP gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis Maestro 9’9 SUP

The Jimmy Lewis Maestro 9’9 SUP is a super stable platform making a versatile SUP. It has a generous width so you get the ability to stay on your feet when other SUPs will be unstable. The width and forgiving rails are matched with a subtle vee bottom. So the board will turn and perform. The stability makes the Maestro versatile. So on-water training can easily be undertaken. A full nose makes for easy wave catching. There’s a tucked in squash tail so you can put the board into turns. You get good all round performance. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich. So different high-tech material layers are incorporated to give each board the perfect balance between strength and weight. The Maestro has durable construction with super high quality finish. The deck comes with comprehensive grip coverage so you get protection from bumps. Dimensions are 9’9″ x 33″‘ x 4.5″ 180L.


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