Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’1 SUP


Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’1 SUP. Wave catching performance board with forgiveness and fun. Check our range of SUP gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’1 SUP

The Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’1 SUP is a wave riding performance board that gives you an advantage. The clear advantage you get is that the board is easy to ride. It’s got advanced high performance attributes blended with forgiving features so you can progress and perform easily and quickly in the surf. Performance wise the bottom has a full single concave so you get straight line speed great for catching waves and making sections. This blends into a double concave through the fins which helps in turning and change of direction speed. This double concave also helps with getting the board on rail which is the basis of all solid wave turns. This turning ability is further enhanced by the swallow tail. The two points of the swallow give the board greater turning ability, turning in a smaller area. In the surf the board has maximum wave riding performance and responsiveness.

A fuller rail with tucked under edge gives the board forgiveness. It makes it less likely to catch as you’re pushing on your turns or in chop. Staying on the board on your feet means you’ll progress faster than falling off every time you try something. A key design aspect, the wider tail section adds to stability. The World Wide has a 5 fins setup so you can ride it as a quad, great for down the line, or as a thruster for turns. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give each board its perfect balance between strength and weight. The World Wide has durable construction with super high quality finish. The deck comes with grip so you’re ready to go. Dimensions are 8’1 x 29.5″” x 3.95″” x 112L .


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