Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’5 Yellow SUP


Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’5 Yellow SUP . Wave catching performance board with forgiveness and fun. Check our range of SUP gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’5 Yellow SUP

The Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8’5 Yellow SUP is your performance wave catching SUP. It’s got a performance surfboard template with drawn in nose and swallow tail. For the surf you get a flat rocker so the board is naturally fast. To this is added a substantial concave through the middle. This gives a feeling of lift and speed down the line. At the tail this single concave blends into a double. So when you’re turning you can feel an added performance boost. The tail is wider so it will pick up the best of the swell and you’ll feel extra drive and thrust. The swallow tail keeps the board responsive, not tracking too much, allowing for easier tight turning. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give each board its perfect balance between strength and weight. The Striker has durable construction with super high quality finish. The deck comes with grip all the way to the nose so you’re ready to go. Dimensions are 8’5 x 30.25″ x 4.20″ 127L .


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