Jimmy Lewis Hanalei Ice Blue 10’8 SUP


Jimmy Lewis Hanalei Ice Blue 10’8 SUP. For surf & flat has great bottom curve and vee making for super fun. Check our range of SUP gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis Hanalei Ice Blue 10’8 SUP

The Jimmy Lewis Hanalei Ice Blue 10’8 SUP is the ultimate crossover board. It gives you the best flatwater and surf performance in the Jimmy Lewis range. It’s a great versatile board so you get maximum fun in the surf and paddling. Parallel rails give you this versatility. On the flat they help you paddle straight, giving direction. In the surf they help you hold a line so you do longer arc turns. So you don’t track, the bottom rocker has a great blend of a flat bottom to vee. The bottom moves freely when there’s curve in the wave face. On the flat it gives you low friction and speed. The tail features a vee so provides for a performance boost, especially when going into and out of turns. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give each board its perfect balance between strength and weight. The Hanalei has durable construction with super high quality finish. The deck comes with grip and forward gear straps. Dimensions are 10’8 x 29″ x 4.4″ 160L. The fin setup is 2 + 1 with a 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites.


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