Ocean & Earth Squeeze Soft Top SUP


Ocean & Earth Squeeze SoftTop SUP. 10’6 thruster. Grip deck, rail protection. X-over shape for surf and still water. Check our range of SUPs Online NOW!


Ocean & Earth Squeeze Soft Top SUP

The Ocean & Earth Squeeze Soft Top SUP is a full featured SUP package great as a first SUP or for progressing. The deck has grip that is great for your feet with generous ridges. So you get good traction to easily stay on the board. The grip covers from the tail up to about a quarter of the way from the nose. From there a textured thinner layer of protective material takes over. The rails have a black protective layer. This soft layer is also good for protecting you from any inadvertent bumps. The bottom and rest of the board has an epoxy construction so it’s strong. Internally there’s an EPS foam core that’s waterproof. The shape is multi-purpose with a semi-performance outline, drawn in nose and square tail. Matched to this is a reasonable bottom curve so that on waves you can turn and move on the face. There’s also plenty of thickness and volume in the board so you have stability for still-water. The thruster fin setup is good for both applications. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing


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