Mirage Ezi-Travel Mask Snorkel Fin Set


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Mirage Ezi-Travel Mask Snorkel Fin Set. Compact design to go anywhere. Quality silicon mask, easy fit open heel fins. Check our Dive & Swim Accessories Online NOW!



Mirage Ezi-Travel Mask Snorkel Fin Set

The Mirage Ezi-Travel Mask Snorkel Fin Set is a quality and compact way to take your diving with you. The set is a traveller’s friend taking up minimal space. Construction is of premium quality silicon so you get great fit and comfort. The mask has twin lenses of super clear tempered glass providing great visibility. The mask is low volume making it easier to dive. The snorkel mouthpiece is soft. It also has a smaller streamlined design. So fit is extra comfortable. A purge chamber makes it easy to clear an extra water. The top end of the snorkel features a dry tip that prevents water entry. The fins feature an open heel. So you get the best fit no matter what your size. A flexible ribbing system on the fin maximises power while reducing fatigue. The overall super streamlined design means minimum bulk and maximum performance in the water. The Ezi-Travel Mask Snorkel Fin Set is a great way to have on hand your complete high quality snorkelling set.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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