Land and Sea Kakadu Kids Mask Snorkel Set


Land & Sea Kakadu Kids Mask and Snorkelling Kit. Great design for kids. Quality silicon comfort & fit. Check our range of Kids Gear NOW!


Land & Sea Kakadu Kids Mask Snorkel Set

The Land & Sea Kakadu Kids Mask Snorkel Set has everything your kids need to go snorkeling. Construction is of premium quality silicon so your kids get a soft feel next to their skin and a great fit. The soft silicon moulds to their facial contours much better than on cheaper masks. The mask has a single lens of super clear tempered glass. There’s no center piece to obstruct vision so the lens provides crystal clear visibility of the great underwater world. Tough poly carbonate is used in the frame to mount the lens so durable construction will take all that Kids will dish out. The mask skirt is non-allergenic silicon, and so is the snorkel mouthpiece. This means it’s most compatible being close to sensitive skin.

There are a number of Kids specific design enhancements that make the Land and Sea Kakadu Kids Mask Snorkeling Set ideal. The snorkel mouthpiece is of a smaller size so it will fit just right in smaller mouths. The mouthpiece is also of soft silicon, making for a gentler bite to hold it. The snorkel itself is smaller, streamlined for kids. Its smaller diameter makes it easier for water to be expelled with a kid’s breath. The chance of water going down the wrong way in the snorkel is greatly reduced by a splash guard. The Kakadu Kids Mask and Snorkel is a great way for Kids to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer in a high quality snorkeling set. Check our full range of Dive and Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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