Mirage Adult Eclipse Mask Snorkel


The Mirage Adult Eclipse Goggles Snorkel gives super fit & comfort with black silicone that is soft and snug on your face. The lenses are elongated giving extra vision and are super cool with a reflective finish

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Mirage Adult Eclipse Mask Snorkel

The Mirage Adult Eclipse Mask Snorkel gives you super high quality snorkeling with comfort. Using black silicone you get a very soft supple feel. Fit is great so water entry is eliminated. Especially dribbles, as the mask fits snug on your face. The softness of the mask skirt also gives great comfort. Large twin lenses give you a crystal clear view.

The lenses are inset preventing scratching and breakage so you’ll get long term great vision. Shaped with an elongated base you get a great view of what’s below you without having to tilt your head all the time. The reflective lens finish gives the mask a super cool look while reducing glare.

The Mirage Adult Eclipse Mask Snorkel kit has a full featured snorkel. The mouth piece is black silicone too so is super soft and easy in your mouth. A splash guard prevents water getting in the top. The purge valve allows you to easily expel any water that does enter.

The lower part of the snorkel features a ribbed section giving flexibility. This helps the snorkel not press against the side of your head, aiding comfort. The quality of this snorkel set is high. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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