Cressi Snorkel Keeper Gamma


The Cressi Snorkel Keeper Gamma keeps your snorkel & mask together with maximum comfort & function. Silicone construction gives great durability

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Cressi Snorkel Keeper Gamma

If you snorkel or dive then you need a Cressi Snorkel Keeper Gamma. The snorkel keeper is an item that keeps your snorkel together with your mask and goggles. Why do you need this? Without a snorkel keeper your snorkel will move away from your head and flop around. The alternative is to tuck the snorkel under your mask strap.

However this means the strap will over-flex and push the snorkel against the side of your head creating two problems. First, there’s a lot of discomfort created from the snorkel pushing against your sensitive temple. Also your mask strap overstretch reduces the seal around your face so water will enter your mask ruining your underwater experience.

The Cressi Snorkel Keeper Gamma overcomes these problems with a unique clever design. It has a circular section that slides down your snorkel. In this way once attached it will remain on your snorkel so can’t be lost. To attach your snorkel to your mask there’s a flap that slides easily over the outside of your mask strap without being pulled against your head.

A final touch is a small nodule that keeps the strap snug with the snorkel keeper. This nub is not too big so it’s still easy to separate your snorkel and mask, say for cleaning and storage. It’s also not too small so as to be ineffectual. Construction is of long lasting, supple and durable silicone.

This is a great piece of snorkel tech that will greatly increase your snorkel and diving enjoyment. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear

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