Macks Silicon Aquablock Ear Plugs


Mack’s Silicon Aquablock Ear Protection are plugs that fit in your ear. They’re super soft so comfy & give you a great fit keeping wind and water out. They’re also reusable

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Macks Silicon Aquablock Ear Plugs

Macks Silicon Aquablock Ear Plugs are  a great solution  to keep your ears free of water and the problems this causes. So they’re great ear plugs to prevent swimmers ear. This version of Mack’s famous plugs are inserted into your ear canal.  They’re designed for maximum comfort and  made with ultra soft SuperSeal Silicone so you get a super comfy feel. In your ear they  inhibit the movement and entry of water. A key feature is the easy to grasp stem so you can easily remove and reuse them. How to clean Macks Silicone Earplugs? Rinse with mild soap and warm water, dry them and they’re ready for next use. So Macks Ear Plugs are a great solution for Australia. They’re reusable silicone ear plugs that you can use season to season, keeping your ears clear and safe.

Macks Silicon AquaBlock Ear Plugs pack includes two pairs of plugs, four single plugs in total. They’re recommended for surf, swim, shower, and water sports so you can prevent swimmer’s ear whenever you’re getting wet. Macks’ products are known for their high quality materials. Their silicone is super soft. A leash is included to attach to the ear plugs. In the case of dislodgement you won’t loose them. Macks Ear Plugs are great for conditions in Australia, great ear plugs to prevent swimmers ear. They’re reusable silicone ear plugs. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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