Kustom Hummer III Thong


The Kustom Hummer III Thong gives you generous ripple cushioning with leather-look upper & traction sole. The blue with tan detail gives a stylish look

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Kustom Hummer III Thong

The Kustom Hummer III Thong gives you advanced comfort and durability features. The base has a soft rolling ripple or wave pattern. So instead of your foot getting sticky you always have the movement of air under your sole. The ripple also gives you a subtle massage feel. So as your foot comes down on the higher to lower area, blood circulation is aided.

The strap has a leather look with great two tone style. The top is blue, the underside is tan. It looks classy. Tan matched to the sole so gives a detailed look. The sole is polyurethane. It’s fine in thickness so you maintain a good sense of what’s under your foot, even through the thick ripple cushion.

The polyurethane has a detailed pattern so you get great traction on slippery and water surfaces. This is handy down the beach where there’s always a bit of sea splash or water around.

The Kustom Hummer III gives you a strong surf look with navy and tan. Check our full range of beach gear for your feet at Manly Surfboards>Footwear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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