Ipanema Mens Classic Masc Thongs


Ipanema Mens Classic Masc Footwear. Classic super comfy with recycled PVC base. Ipanema tile pattern traction. Check our Beach Accessories NOW!

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Ipanema Mens Classic Masc Thongs

The Ipanema Mens Classic Masc Thongs are a super comfy piece of beach footwear. You can feel the quality that both supports and hugs your foot. The base provides a slight platform at the rear lowering to normal thong height at the front. So it gives you a reasonable amount of extra cushioning for your heel as you walk. The base has a soft yet supportive sole that relieves your arch. There’s a low raised pattern on the base so you get great traction. The straps are both pliable and supportive. You won’t pull out in them. The inner surface is smooth providing good comfort. The top of the strap has a patterned surface with the Ipanema logo. Recycled PVC is used in their construction. So Ipanema gives you style and an eco benefit.

Thongs are a great way to get around at the beach. They’re light, comfy and keep your feet cool. The Ipanema’s allow you to enjoy all these benefits in a less casual environment too. They look good, stylish with a high end presentation. Check our full range of Beach Wear at Manly Surfboards>Clothing


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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