Boomerangz Slim Ladies Flip Flops Thongs


The Boomerangz Slim Ladies FlipFlops Thongs gives you great style & comfort with arch & supportive base. Eco materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Extra strap included with ‘no-break’ design

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Boomerangz Slim Ladies Flip Flops Thongs

The Boomerangz Slim Ladies Flip Flops Thongs give you great style, wearing and comfort and are BIO friendly. Australian made footwear, they’re super comfortable. There’s an arch bar in the foam base so you get comfort and cushioning as you walk, and you get great support.

Arch support is recommended for  you by podiatrists and physios. Textured on the top and bottom the foam base gives you great grip even when wet. That annoying squelching noise is also removed. You get a great open feel along with style that includes a diamante studded strap. These are some of the most stylish Womens thongs and flip flops Australia has to offer.

The uppers of the Boomerangz Slim Ladies FlipFlops Thongs are soft and so super comfortable. They keep your thongs on without chafing. They also come in different sizes so you the best fit, with several sets included. In the rare event they pull-out they won’t break. It’s an easy pop-in to be walking again.

Eco designed, the BMZ Bio-Foam material is biodegradable and other components are recyclable so you’re helping the environment with your purchase. These are the best, stylish and functional flip flops and Womens thongs from Australia so ideal for your summer lifestyle. Check our Footwear at Manly Surfboards>Footwear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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