Boomerangz Regular Straps


The Boomerangz Regular Strap are high quality replacement straps for your Boomerangz thongs coming in multiple colours. Check our Beach Wear Online NOW!

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Boomerangz Regular Straps

The Boomerangz Regular Straps are replacement straps for your Boomerangz thongs. The Boomerangz are a uniquely designed thong with special attention given to the strap. The base of the strap that sticks through and comes out on the bottom of your thong is extra durable. It’s not just a small button shape that can easily blow out but is a long boomerang shape. This is highly unlikely to pull out and so reduces the chance of thong failure. However there are always situations where you may need alternate straps. For example you may want to change the colour look of your thongs. There’s a range of different colour straps that are designed to match your existing thongs.

The base of the thong, while being super comfy, is super durable and long wearing. A sharp rock though could damage the bottom of the Boomerangz Regular Thong Strap causing you to need a replacement. Similarly the top of your strap  may get caught and get damaged so you’ll want a replacement. The straps come with their own sizing and you can change the fit of your thong to either a snug or loose feel with these replacement straps. Boomerangz also stand by their product. If a strap breaks they’ll give you a free replacement. Boomerangz Straps replacement is quick, taking only a few seconds. Check our full range of Beach Footwear at Manly Surfboards>Beach Footwear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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