Boomerangz Regular Thongs / Flip Flops


The Boomerangz Regular Thongs FlipFlops give you super comfy durable wear, great traction & spare strap. Their raised arch is super supportive and the Aussie design works great

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Boomerangz Regular Thongs Flip Flops

The Boomerangz Regular Thongs Flip Flops give you great beach wear, durability and comfort. This Aussie brand has taken the standard thong and enhanced it adding features to give you a better experience. The straps are secured not with the normal minimal button on the bottom of the thong. Instead Boomerangz have their logo, a boomerang shape that is long and curved securing the strap. This makes it just about impossible to pull out. So one of the biggest problems with traditional thongs is overcome. In the case that there is a mishap and the strap needs replacement the thongs include an additional spare replacement strap.

Construction of the Boomerangz Regular Thongs Flip Flops base is of a premium rubber blend. This makes them lightweight and long wearing. The base has a two tone colour so looks stylish. It’s also contoured giving you arch support. This is a great comfort feature. The sole has a non-slip traction pattern and the rubber is also non-slip. So down the beach even when wet you’ll still have secure footing.  There’s a full range of colours and sizes of these great thongs. Check our full range of Beach FootWear at Manly Surfboards>Beach Footwear.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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