Carve King Pin Mens Thongs


The Carve King Pin Thongs are high quality giving durability and comfort with soft strap and grippy base. Check our Beach Clothing Online NOW!


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Carve King Pin Mens Thongs

The Carve King Pin Mens Thongs are super comfy and practical footwear for the beach. The Carve brand is known for robust products made from high quality material. So you get durability. Your thongs will stand up to all the running, skating and hard use you will undertake. The upper strap is well seated into the base, giving a lot of strength to this area that commonly fails. The King Pin Thongs are also comfortable. The high quality strap is smooth on the upper foot and won’t chaff. The base material is soft underfoot while also having a grippy texture to prevent slipping. The bottom of the thong has greater grip to ensure good traction. This is especially important in areas where there’s loose sand, slippery seaweed or wet areas where you need firm footing.

The Carve King Pin Thongs base is also thick so provides cushioning and protection from rocks and sharp objects. The all-black finish makes the thongs look like classic beach wear suitable for other leisure activities. In summer these are a great way to get around. Keep cool while looking stylish and having good traction. Check our full range of Beach Wear at Manly Surfboards>Clothing

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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