Dupe New Charme Thongs


The Dupe New Charme Thongs gives you a super stylish lightweight and comfy way to get around at the beach or special event. Brazilian rubber construction is durable

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Dupe New Charme Thongs

The Dupe New Charme Thongs give you a super comfy wear with style. They’re lightweight, minimalist and classy. So they’re great for everything from the beach to your special event. The straps are light and delicate. They’re smooth on the inside so super comfy and won’t chaff your foot. They also sit up higher so offering a look similar to a sandal, light airy and free.

The strap top has an embossed floral design giving a sense of attention to detail. The base, while being soft and cushioning, also gives substance. It provides good impact resistance as you walk at the beach on the sand or pavement. The top of the base has a slightly raised pattern so the foot doesn’t slip. The bottom has more substantial grooves giving good traction.

The materials of the Dupe Charme Thongs are matched to the various components of the thongs. The straps are strong with a reasonable amount of flex. They’ll stretch under pressure reducing the chance of a blowout from the sole or breakage.

The sole is soft and cushioning, also providing a level of durability for several seasons of use. Construction is of Brazilian rubber and this quality is evident from your wear to your look. Check our range of Footwear at Manly Surfboards>Clothing & Footwear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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