Carve Yogi Mens Thongs


Carve Yogi Mens Footwear. Quality & comfy materials. Ripple sole gives traction dispelling moisture. Check our range of Beach Accessories NOW!

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Carve Yogi Mens Thongs

The Carve Yogi Mens Thongs are a great way to get around casually and in comfort. These are not some lightweight flimsy plastic thongs that will fall apart. These thongs have a substantial footprint and come with a sturdy a foot strap and base so will give you great wear. The farbic straps are wide so spread the carry of the thongs over a wider area so you get durability and easy wearing. The fabric is soft textured and is super comfy. There’s a fabric strap used between your toes that’s placed in such a way as to blend perfectly into that shape for least wear and maximum comfort. This level of attention to detail gives a good indication that the wearing experience is at another level.

The base of the Carve Yogi Mens Thongs is almost twice as thick as on some thongs. It has a raised ripple pattern so you get great traction. Any moisture you may get on the bottom of your feet is channeled away with each footstep. At the same time the ripples give you good grip so you won’t be slipping on the thongs. With a thicker more substantial base than most thongs The Carve’s will give you good protection from the rigours of the road. Walking over rocks, oysters, bottletops, almost anything the beach can throw at you will be  handled. You’ll get great beach and casual wear from your Carve Yogi Thongs. Check our full range of Beach Footwear at Manly Surfboards>Footwear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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