Kustom Vego 2 Sandal


The Kustom Vego2 Sandal gives you a great leather-look upper with anatomical comfort and great grip

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Kustom Vego 2 Sandal

The Kustom Vego 2 Sandal gives you next level foot comfort with great surf look and durability. The base features an anatomically correct heel cup and arch support. So immediately you’re feeling better as your posture is improved as you walk.

The strap and foot bed are vegan leather. So you get the great look of leather, along with supple feel and durability, while also delivering an eco benefit. In areas of skin contact there’s a soft textile lining used. So you get a super soft comfy feel.

The bottom surface is rubber. This is a long wearing yet also grippy. So you’ll get good usage along with minimal slippage in areas where there may be loose sand or water. A good traction patter on the sole also helps keep you stable around the beach environs. The base padding is polyurethane giving long wearing support.

The Kustom Vego2 Sandal gives you a leather-look upper and great stylish surf look. Check our full range of beach gear for your feet at Manly Surfboards>Footwear

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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