Komunity Project 2-0 Quad Fins Fcs


Komunity Project KP 20 Quad Fins FCS. Kelly 4 fin set. Quad charging down the line, tubes, bigger waves. Check our Surfboards & Accessories Online NOW!

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Komunity Project KP 20 Quad Fins FCS

The Komunity Project KP 20 Quad Fins FCS come out of a Kelly Slater initiative, the Komunity Project. These fins feature Kelly’s Bullseye symbol and carry many of the characteristics used to win his numerous world titles. So this four fin set gives you World Champ features. The two front side fins are larger and have more area giving you drive and hold. The rear fins are not just a smaller version of the front. They have their own template with increased cutaway and smaller tip. They direct water flow, giving a carving feel.

These Quads give you more extension so you can get out onto the wave face. You’ll feel more momentum and drive with the ability to do longer drawn out turns. Good for long open face waves this set can also help you charge shifting beach breaks and barrels. While helping you draw out turns you can also put your back foot right over them and in suckier waves go vertical. Construction is of a special blend of resin glass with a honey comb inner core. So they don’t add anything in terms of weight, it’s all performance. The bullseye design is featured on translucent fins finished in Liquid Dynamic Technology with a mat finish.

Fin Specifications

  • Front Fin Base: 110mm
  • Depth: 115mm
  • Foil: Flat Rear
  • Fin Base: 104mm
  • Depth: 108mm
  • Foil: Flat

Additional information

Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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