Komunity Project 2-0 Thruster Fins Futures


Komunity Project KP 2 Tri Fin Set Futures. Kelly style great all round fin for power moves & tail release. Check our Surfboards & Accessories NOW!

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Komunity Project KP 20 Thruster Fins Futures

The Komunity Project KP 20 Thruster Fins Futures come out of a Kelly Slater initiative, the Komunity Project. These fins feature Kelly’s Bullseye symbol and carry many of the characteristics used in his fins to win his numerous world titles. These fins, the KP2.0, are for smaller surfers as their go-to fin, or for larger surfer for bigger waves. They feature a relatively wide base so you get good drive. The height also is relatively taller so give you good hold. These features mean the fins pivot well so you can go top to bottom more easily, fitting more manoeuvres in less space on the wave.

The Komunity Project 2-0 Thruster side fins have a flat foil so along with the glass and resin construction you get a stable predictable point to drive from. You can unleash all your power and the fin will respond as you expect. The Centre fins is slightly smaller, typical of Kelly’s fin setups and Julian Wilson also favoured this setup. This feature facilitates good release off the top, for big moves like tail slides or release into airs. Construction is of a special blend of resin glass with a honey comb inner core so they don’t add anything in terms of weight, it’s all performance. The bullseye design is featured on translucent fins finished in Liquid Dynamic Technology with a lustre finish. Check our full range of Fins at Manly Surfboards>Fins

Fin Specifications

Side Fin Base: 110mm Depth: 115mm Foil: Flat Center Fin Base: 109mm Depth: 112mm Foil: 50/50


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