KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs


KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs. Stainless steel reinforced, can’t be cut. Lockable buckles. Extra secure. Check our range of Boards & Accessories Online NOW!

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KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs

The KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs give you extra protection while securing your boards to your roofracks.  Not only are the straps constructed of  heavy duty material, they’re also reinforced with stainless steel and have locks. So you get many benefits. The straps can’t be cut with a knife preventing theft. They’re super strong and extra durable and won’t break under strain. Being stiffer they pull taught making less noise on the roof of your car. The lockable buckles prevent the straps being opened and your boards being taken.  The buckles are specially designed to fit flush on your boards so they don’t bang or cause any damage.

The KanuLock Lockable Tie Downs come in a range of sizes to secure boards through to SUPs and even bigger gear to your car roof.

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Weight.4 kg
Dimensions25 x 20 x 7 cm


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