Island Fin Design Base Single Fin


Island Fin Design Aloha Base Single Fin. Hawaiian style vivid print captures light. Quality fibreglass brass fitting. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!


Island Fin Design Aloha Base Single Fin

The Island Fin Design Aloha Base Single Fin is a great looking fin. Coming from Hawaii it has a beautiful Aloha island print. The fin has a vivid look achieved with an inlay of artwork. Laid out by hand no two artwork images or fins are exactly alike. The fins are transparent so the artwork catches the light. Designed for an adjustable fin box, it has a stub at the rear that slots into the fin box. So it slides in and out and up and down the length of the box. The front end has a screw and tab so the fin is securely fixed in position. This adjustment is great as it allows you to try a range of positions in the fin box. The design has a wide base so you get great drive. Construction is solid, the fins have a generous thickness and foil so perform well. The screw fitting is long wearing brass so the fin is durable.


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