FCS II Kelia Moniz Longboard Fin


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FCS II Kelia Moniz Longboard Fin

The FCS II Kelia Moniz Longboard Fin gives you a fun performance feel, and the FCS tool-less install feature. Kelia’s fin has a classic free style performance shape. It’s finely crafted, with a standard size base and reduced body and tip. You’ll get a certain amount of drive, not too much, so you can really put your board on rail going into turns.

The body and tip of the fin have reduced area. So you’ll get great flex and responsiveness out of turns. The idea of using these fins would be to load up your turn with drive using your board’s rail. Then turn off the top early, so letting the fin energy unleash. In a lighter board and for a lighter surfer you’ll get super fun fast squirty surfing.

Tool-Less Install

If you’re a bigger surfer make sure you place these fins under your back foot so your energy goes directly into the fin’s drive. The fin features the FCS tool-less install. It just pops in so you can easily adjust position while you’re out in the surf without even a fin key. So you can get fin placement perfect for conditions and board to board.

This FCS 2 Longboard fin is designed to fit in an adjustable Longboard rear fin box. So it won’t work in a normal FCS box. This is a great fin to use in your 2 + 1 Longboard setup as the middle rear fin. The construction gives you a great fiberglass feel close to that of traditional fins. Check our full range of Longboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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