FCS Longboard Fin Screw and Plate


The FCS Longboard Fin Screw & Plate give you quality stainless steel construction. So the screw remains free moving for the long term. The screw head features a hex head so you can use your FCS Fin Key for adjustment, even out in the surf

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FCS Longboard Fin Screw and Plate

The FCS Longboard Fin Screw and Plate gives you quality and great functionality. It improves the workings of your Longboard fins, Mini-Mal and Mid Length fins, and any fin that uses an adjustable fin box. Most adjustable fin boxes allow your fin to slide back and forth. Moving your fin can greatly improve your surfing by allowing you to find your board’s sweet spot. It also helps you master new moves like nose rides or carving bottom turns. So this fin screw and plate makes moving and securing your fin fast and easy without any of the problems of corrosion or seizing up. The stainless steel plate acts like a slider moving inside your fin box. You want this to be free moving. Then when tightened the stainless steel screw really grips and won’t move. Equally important it will unscrew easily when needed.

A key feature of the FCS Longboard Fin Screw and Plate is the screw that’s used. Its head is a hex head like that used for the FCS fin system so will fit an FCS fin key. So it’s super easy to undo and tighten. It’s also easy to take an FCS fin key with you in your boardshorts and adjust your fin in the surf. This is a great alternative to having to use a flat head screwdriver. You’d never think of taking one of those with you in the water. So update your fin screw and plate with this set. It will improve the performance of your Longboard fins, and improve your surfing and enjoyment of what your board with a fin adjustment can do. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

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