Futures Gerry Fiberglass Single Fin


The Futures Gerry Fiberglass Single Fin gives you great pivot & release for sucky waves. Designed for Pipeline it helps you pivot into sucky heavy sections and keep your board moving with fine tune moves

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Futures Gerry Fiberglass Single Fin

The Futures Gerry Fiberglass Single Fin is the signature model of Gerry Lopez. Known as Mr Pipeline for his mastery of that break this is the fin Gerry used through his ground breaking surfing. The fin is not like a Longboard fin. Its design gives you a lot of pivot and response. At Pipe Gerry only needed to get that drive off the bottom and pivot into the barrel. From there it was fine tuning his line on the wave face. In his day and at Pipe top to bottom surfing is not what it was all about. However this fin is very vertical so it will pivot off the bottom and give you great release off the top. So in a sucky powerful wave it will be great.

The Futures Gerry Fiberglass Single Fin has very little sweep and sweep area. So it won’t give you much projection down the line. You won’t get that tracking feel being stuck in drawn out down the line turns. It’s a fin that will allow you to keep moving in the pocket. The base is about as wide as a keel fin so there’s plenty of drive available. It’s a versatile fin being able to perform in your Mid Length, Longboard and Mini-Mal. With Side Bites it will be great as it doesn’t have too much area off the base to create turbulence between the fins. Construction is fibreglass so you get the best all-round flex and response characteristics. The fin feature’s a slide-able lock system so placement can be exactly where you want.

This fin comes with the Futures Truss Base so it’s light. The base is designed to break under impact so the risk of injury or board damage is reduced. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

Specs are as follows: Height: 7.75″


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