Futures AMT Twin Fin Set


Futures AMT Twin Fin Set. Merrick design for Rob Machado gives pivot turns to your twin with +1 trailer. Check our Surfboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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Futures AMT Twin Fin Set

The Futures AMT Twin Fin Set is from world master shaper Al Merrick. It’s a twin set with a smaller third trailer fin. Merrick created this fin specifically for Rob Machado’s Robber twin fin board. The fin is unlike other twins. It dramatically increases drive while not adding unnecessary bulk. The size and shape of these fins help you charge down the line. But their low rake, being upright, means they can pivot. So as you can more easily go into a change of direction and the fin will help you come around speedily. Coming with a third trailer fin, that’s considerably smaller, you can surf these true to the twin fin ethos or add a touch of control and thruster feel. Construction is honeycomb so you get lightweight with strength. The fins feature the Futures Truss Base so they are light. Designed to break under impact the truss reduces the risk of injury or board damage. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better Specs are as follows: Side fins Height: 5.63″ Base: 5.04″ Area: 20.43″ Foil: Flat. Rear Fin Height: 3.74″ Base: 3.25″ Area: 9.18″ Foil: Symmetrical.

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